The importance of Integrated Circuits and sockets

Many organizations around the world use Enterprise servers now in order to handle and process sensitive and important software applications as well as their data. Some of the examples of applications of this can be seen in online transactions, music and video backup, overseeing payrolls and monitoring and managing of bank accounts. IC sockets are used in almost all of these applications. They are expected to work all day long and without a failure as anything that causes a block in normal functionality will cost the business serious revenue.

What is an IC?

If you want things to run smoothly when it comes to quality and authenticity, these IC sockets or will give you several thousands of electrical interconnects. They are also used very commonly today as substitutes to soldering joints especially when you are trying to connect a microprocessor to a printed circuit board for example. These sockets will make for an interconnect that does not heat up, is rectifiable and is also reliable. There are three common IC socket contact mechanism and the Elastomer socket is the one that plays the main role. This eliminates the need for you to have to invest in thousands of ground, power or signal lines that are otherwise needed for a system. They are robust and very easily adaptable to any type of design. They also happen to be low in cost. The socket itself is designed with an array of contact points carefully set up within a polymer casing.

How do sockets work?

When there is contact between the IC and the PCB through compression, the silver particles consisted inthe matrix will touch each other creating a network. The shape and thickness of these particles are carefully calculated to optimize the properties of the components connected and to increase efficiency. As allmetal contacts are covered in the socket, it limits their exposure to humidity and dust which protectsthe contact points from contaminants.

Durability and maintenance.

When it comes to talking about the durability and life cycle of these sockets, there are a just a few very crucial factors which will affect the lifespan and productivity of the socket. Things like dust, vibration, impacts and sudden movement along with things like temperature and humidity can activate a failure in the operation of the socket and result in many different types of defects and issues which could possibly damage and negatively impact the contact resistance permanently. The reliability and function of these type of sockets have been recorded as high in the first year of operation.

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