Things to know about getting the permanent residency in Singapore

If you have been working, studying, or living in Singapore for a considerable period of time, you will be well aware of the benefits that the PR holders are getting in the country when compared to the foreigners. If you want to get these benefits for yourself, and if you want to verify your long term stay in the country, it is best that you look into applying for the PR.

If you are considering to apply for the PR in Singapore, these are the most important things that you should know:

Check for the eligibility

When you are applying for the PR, it is needed that you check if you are eligible for it. If you fail to look into it, there is no guaranteed you will be getting the PR. When you are checking for your eligibility, there are different criteria that you can check it from. If you are not right for one criteria, you can check your eligibility in another. If you are eligible in any one of the criteria that you can follow when you are applying for the PR, you can easily go ahead and continue your procedure to getting PR in Singapore.

Know the document requirements

In order to make the procedure easier and to eliminate the chances of rejection of your application, it is needed that have all the documents. There will be explanatory notes that will guide you through the documentthat you need to submit. Depending on who you are and what you do, the documents that you will be needing will differ. There are four criteria that you can look into such as the spouse of a Singaporean citizen, if you are the aged parent of a Singaporean citizen, if you have an employment pass or a S pass, or if you are a student in Singapore.  Be sure to get the explanatory lists ideal for what your criteria so that you can prepare the documents.

Look into the procedure

The next important thing that you should look into is the procedure that you should follow. All the applications should be submitted online. When you are making the submissions online, you will have to make a payment which can be done online as well. To make the applications, it is needed that you have a Sin pass account. As well. The processing fee is a nonrefundable $100 which needs to be done at the point of application. After the application, you can monitor the status of your application.

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